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Now you can enjoy the benefits of:
- receiving 100% payment for your wool on delivery
- having a wool depot close to your farm
- delivering your wool when it is convenient for you
As one of Ireland's largest wool merchants, we know the benefit of competion when selling to our customers overseas.

With introduced competition, U.K. wool producers will now have the choice to receive full payment on delivery of their wool with improved market prices due to our efficient handling processes.

Selling your wool this year and taking advantage of these benefits couldn't be simpler...

1. Find the nearest depot to your farm or wool stores (listed below).
2. Contact the depot agent to find the current market price and agree a delivery time.
3. Deliver your wool to the depot and get competitive market prices in full.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why should I consider selling to Laurence Pierce (Wool Merchants)?

U.K. wool producers keeping four sheep or more are required to either supply only the British Wool Marketing Board (BWMB) with their wool or export it outside the U.K. Until now, English and Welsh producers have not had the option to export their wools, as the transport costs would be more expensive than the cost of the wool itself.

Laurence Pierce (Wool Merchants) have setup a number of depots across England and Wales to allow producers to choose whether to deliver their wool to the BWMB or to an alternative buyer. Our core business is based in the Republic of Ireland, where there are over 100 registered wool merhcants. This makes for a very competitive market, where the farmer ultimately gets the benefit in pricing. To compete, our company has very efficient packing and grading methods, which allow us to pass on better prices to the producer, while still offering competitve prices to our customers.

Why are you buying U.K. wools?

Over the past number of years, we have been regularly contacted by U.K. based producers looking for an alternative wool buyer. Within the last decade, large numbers of producers in Northern Ireland now frequently cross the border to sell their wool for higher prices and payment up front in the Republic of Ireland. Over the years, we have also built strong relationships with a number of foreign customers who have ongoing interest in U.K. wool types.

What price will I get for my wool?

The price paid for wool delivered to our depots is an across-the-board price based on the location and the basic breed make up. The price quoted is in Sterling pence per kilogramme and is paid in Sterling by cheque. Unlike the BWMB, our price is paid in full on the day of delivery, or within 3 days by post. As the wool is to be exported, VAT registered producers will not be required to pay VAT. To find out the current price of your wool, contact the depot closest to you (listed above).

How do I receive my balance payment from the BWMB?

To receive your previous seasons balance payment from the BWMB, send a letter requesting the balance payment along with a copy of your LPWM invoice to: Accounts Department, British Wool Marketing Board, Wool House, Roydsdale Way, Euroway Trading Estate, Bradford, BD4 6SE. From now on, proof of export/POD documents will not be required by the BWMB to pay balance payments.

Am I going to get paid more and how do I calculate how much I received from the BWMB for my wool last year?

Yes. From our discussions with farmers and their calculations, our pricing is consitently higher than that of the BWMB.

To calculate if you will receive a better price, based on the current most recently available BWMB price (201X Advance+Balance Payments), do the following calculation. Take the "Wool" price as shown on your "Confirmation of Final Value of 201X Clip and amount Due" and divide by the "Net Weight" figure (shown below).

In the example below, this gives a per Kg price of 49.12p (2003 example). With circa 45% of the producers payment withheld for roughly 12 months, and interest rates currently around 4%, this is equivalent to 0.89p of a discount. The effective price per Kg for this wool was 48.23p Sterling. The equivalent Sterling price paid by Laurence Pierce (Wool Merchants) throughout the same season (2003) was 55p, 6.77p/Kg or 14% more than the BWMB.


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Laurence Pierce (Wool Mechants) are proud to support the Rathdrum Rugby Football Club, one of Leinster's fastest growing clubs.

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